• At Christie Saddlery it is our goal to fit the individual horse and rider. We do not inventory a line of saddles for sale, because it is our belief that every customer has his/her individual needs and desires. We believe every horse and rider are a one of a kind and their needs cannot be met with an off the shelf saddle.
  • Because our customers cover the spectrum from Arabian to mules and different disciplines the need of the riders and their horses vary so much that we believe it is impossible to meet these requirements with a common saddle.
  • I hope the information found here will help educate and bring to light some of the falsehoods you see in advertisements and inadequacies in most systems of saddle fit.
  • ​We pride ourselves on product quality, honesty, integrity, and unparalleled customer service. With this philosophy, we take excellent care of every customer and help in selecting that perfect saddle.